The determined women of Jeremiah Program work hard toward a future of self-reliance and economic independence. If you are interested in creating a better life for yourself and your children and you meet the program criteria, we encourage you to apply.

Program Criteria

  • Low-income single mother (based on area median income)
  • At least 18 years old
  • State resident for at least one year
  • High school graduate or GED certificate
  • Enrolled in or desire to enroll in college/post-secondary institution
  • Children all under the age of 5 at time of application
  • Highly motivated

Program Benefits

  • Safe, affordable housing on a bus route (projected campus completion in 2020)
  • A supportive community of peers working towards self-reliance
  • Empowerment training and life skills education
  • Licensed, quality early childhood center on-site (projected campus completion in 2020)
  • Individual coaching to support you in setting and meeting goals
  • Access to professionals who can help you develop your skills and networks for employment
  • Access to mentors and tutors as needed
  • Volunteer childcare during Jeremiah Program activities
  • Expectations of Jeremiah Program Participants
    • Maintain a 2.0 or greater GPA and remain in good standing with the educational institution
    • Participate in career development activities such as part-time employment or volunteering
    • Attend regular coaching sessions with Family Coach
    • Participate in weekly Life Skills classes

    These will be required once campus build is complete in 2020:

    • Participate in Resident Council meetings and activities
    • Adhere to Jeremiah Program Resident Handbook and lease agreement
    • Enroll eligible children in on-site Child Development Center
    • Pay 30% of adjusted income for rent + utilities (except heat and hot water, which are included) and phone service.
    • Agree to quarterly apartment inspections conducted by Family Services staff and Property Management
  • Selection Process
    • Applications are reviewed as received. Families that meet the applicant criteria may be invited for an intake interview. After completion of the intake interview, candidates may be invited to participate in the pre-admission process, which includes a 16-week empowerment training, pre-admissions coaching and documentation collection. Pre-admission participation is a requirement for acceptance to the program.Upon successful participation in pre-admissions, an applicant may be invited to an admissions interview. The admissions decision is final. Jeremiah Program reserves the right to close applications at anytime.


Begin the application process with the form below. This online application is free and will be submitted for consideration immediately. Alternatively, you may download the Application PDF and return it by mail.

Program Application

Applicant Demographics

Participants of Jeremiah Program work toward self-reliance, stability and prosperity. We invite you to explore how Jeremiah Program can support you realize your potential for yourself and your family.
Program Benefits

  • A supportive community of peers working toward self-reliance
  • Empowerment training and life skills education
  • An Early childhood development center
  • Individualized coaching to support you in setting and meeting goals
  • Access to professionals who can help you develop your skills and networks for employments
  • Childcare during Jeremiah Program Activities
Are you 18 years of age or older? *
Are you at or below 30% Area Median Income (AMI)? *
Do you have a high school diploma or GED? *
Do you have the ability to work and attend an accredited post-secondary institution in the United States? *
Do you intend to enroll in a post-secondary educational program? *
Do you have at least 50% custody of your child(ren) or are currently pregnant? *
At the time of application, is at least one child 4 and under? Additional child(ren) should not exceed the age of 7 in residential campuses (Minneapolis – St. Paul, Rochester, Fargo-Moorhead, and Austin) *