"We are sisters; we shall succeed together."
- Stacy Abbott, Jeremiah Program mom

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My favorite part of the Jeremiah Program are the empowerment courses because it taught me that I can change. If I don't like my circumstances, I can change it.
Domenique, Jeremiah mom

In New York City, 41% of single mothers live in poverty, and they are nearly three times as likely to live in poverty as married families (American Community Survey, 2012-2016 5-Year Estimates). Poverty is especially acute among women in Brownsville, a neighborhood within Brooklyn, where nearly two-thirds (62%) of households are headed by a single mother (Roussine et al., 2016). Yet, women in Brooklyn with a Bachelor’s Degree earn more than twice that of women with a high school diploma or GED alone (American Community Survey, 2012-2016 5-Year Estimates). The need is great.

In 2017, Jeremiah Program responded to a call from three locally respected organizations in Brownsville, NY: Community Solutions, SCO Family of Services, and Medgar Evers College, who share a deep concern about the numerous barriers single mothers and their children face to achieving social and economic prosperity. Considering our initial joint assessment, we and these partners have set a goal of establishing a program in Brownsville, New York, where the aim will be to serve 20-30 families at a time.

Jeremiah is currently the only program in New York City to offer a comprehensive, integrated model of services for families headed by low-income single mothers. We are unique in that our two-generation approach puts the whole family in the center of our service model.

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