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Coming Full Circle

Jeremiah Program alum Nekey Oliver reflects on her JP journey — from her time as a JP mom to advocating for moms as a community board member.

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What if Generosity Evoked Pride?

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord imagines all resource opportunities, for those with and without privilege, as investments in our collective future.

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JP Moms Have a Common Goal: A Better Life

JP Las Vegas mom Alexis Brennan describes the tight community of her college campus and the support she feels from Jeremiah Program.

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Life, Love, and Community: One Family’s JP Journey

Inaugural JP Alumni Fellow Christine Smith recently sat down with her now-adult son, Benard, to discuss their JP experiences and how their past has shaped their present. They even learned some new things about each other.

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MacKenzie Scott Gift Will Bolster JP’s Work

This generous donation will help Jeremiah Program remain responsive to families and support our long-term goals.

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This Is Legacy Work

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord explains how JP partners with families to expand the list of perceived choices available to them.

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A Brooklyn Mom’s Experience in Jeremiah Program

JP Brooklyn mom Felicia Medina counters stereotypes about single moms and describes the welcoming feel of the Brooklyn campus.

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JP Showed Me That My Voice Matters

Jessica Funderburk, one of the first Jeremiah Program Las Vegas moms, shares her experience of finding support, confidence, and family in JP.

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Why the Questions We Ask Ourselves Matter

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord says we can’t solve complex problems like generational poverty without addressing their underlying systems.

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From JP Mom to JP Teacher

Adrianee Powell was one of the first residents of the JP St. Paul campus. Now, she’s the campus’s newest early childhood teacher.