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JP Life

Does the Past Author the Future?

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord suggests that, after an aggressive few years, planning the future will mean revisiting the past.

JP Life

There Is Power in the Mundane

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord says the tedium in life — including the journey economic mobility — is necessary to get to the epic moments.

JP Life

We Do Nothing Alone

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord reflects on the JP community’s belief that great moms and their children deserve the opportunity to thrive.

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Why Focus on Single Moms?

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord explains why we center single mothers and their families in our work.

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Shame and Economic Mobility Are Connected

JP President and CEO Chastity Lord breaks down the long-term impact of typical cultural narratives about single moms.

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JP Virtual Alumni Summit 2022: More Than Enough

The second annual JP Alumni Summit was all about JP moms’ individual and collective power. This is the movement.

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JP Moms Write the Next Act

Expanded Empowerment and Leadership curriculum celebrates agency, identity, and the story of self.

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Keeping Families Resourced During the Pandemic

Karina Van Meekeren is the family program development and admissions manager for Jeremiah Program’s Rochester campus in Southeast Minnesota.

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A Campus Leader Reflects on the Impact of Covid-19

JoMarie Morris is the executive director of Jeremiah Program’s Rochester-Southeast Minnesota campus, Jeremiah Program’s newest campus.

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Chastity Lord: We Can and Must Do More

It’s vital that we ensure that JP’s goals and strategies are aligned with the women and communities that we serve.