Mom Voices, Policy

The Small Successes Create the Path to Our Dreams

JP Alumni Fellow Stacy Abbott talks celebrating wins, mom-friendly work policies, and building the life she wants.


Affirming Identity Through Curriculum

Hear JP’s VP of Student Programming, Dr. Crystal Palmero Ward, and Kaya Henderson, CEO of Reconstruction US, as they discuss “Affirming Identity: Building Curriculum, Fostering Healthy, Self-Affirming Identities and Centering Black Culture.”


#SHECESSION: Policy, Poverty and the Single Mom

Hear this important discussion between JP’s Chastity Lord and Nicole Mason of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Both are CEOs and Black women who were raised by single mothers. Both are also deeply familiar with the impacts of generational poverty.

JP Life, Policy

Mothers Owning Their Power, Authoring Their Futures

The five pillars of Jeremiah Program offer the supports single mothers need to pursue economic mobility for themselves and their children.


Conscious Conversations: Sharhonda Bossier

A discussion about activism on and off the street with Sharhonda Bossier, Deputy Director at Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC).


Conscious Conversations: Dax-Devlon Ross

Jeremiah Program hosts Dax Devlon-Ross for a discussion of his LinkedIn op-ed that gained viral attention and helped open up a deeper discussion of racial bias in the workplace.