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Welcome to Jeremiah Programs newest campus dedicated to disrupting generational poverty for single moms in the southeast Minnesota area!

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Over 22,000 single female heads of households live in poverty with young children in Southeastern Minnesota. In the Greater Rochester Area, a shortage of safe, affordable housing has reached crisis level. Yet the region faces a significant need for an educated workforce due to retiring baby boomers and the Mayo Clinic’s new Destination Medical Center (DMC) initiative, and Southeast MN is home to several high quality post-secondary educational institutions as well as excellent early childcare education opportunities.

Jeremiah Program came to Rochester in 2016 at the invitation of a cross-section of community leaders. Three and one-half years later, having raised nearly $16.9M in capital campaign funding, the Rochester Campus opened its doors to 40 single mothers and their children in July/August 2020. Opening despite the impact and challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, JP Rochester-SE MN is a shining example of how communities can come together to disrupt generational poverty through cross-sector partnership, public/private, and faith-based investment, and exceptional volunteerism.

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2915 Jeremiah Lane NW
Rochester, MN 55901

20,000 Families are in need of your help in Rochester and Southeast Minnesota.