JP By the Numbers

JP By the Numbers

Targeting Generational Poverty

Generational poverty is defined as at least two generations of a family being born into poverty. These conditions severely limit a family’s access to social capital and opportunities to create sustained change that leads to a more prosperous and independent life.

Jeremiah Program believes that the pervasive and systemic impacts of poverty can be disrupted. We’re committed to dismantling systemic barriers to education, housing and childcare for single mothers and their children, helping to disrupt the cycle of generational poverty. In collaboration with our families and communities, we also challenge social stigmas about single motherhood and work to interrupt the structural and systematic inequities that many families in poverty experience.

At JP, we are committed to transparency and improvement from the inside out. Our Family Experience Survey offers proof points we rely on to guide our program design, public policy goals and storytelling approach. This data from this survey reflects several key shifts: One, our expansion of the leadership circle; two, our framing of poverty as a social justice issue; and three, our commitment to shifting the narrative around single motherhood. The lines of communication between moms, alumni and staff are critical to our data-driven approach.

JP 2021 Family Experience Survey

JP Moms reported greater satisfaction with JP as the year progressed

Over 70% of JP Moms provided their input on our Family Experience Survey

JP creates a welcoming environment

I would recommend JP to a friend

I would recommend JP’s cdc to a friend

My opinion counts at JP

I look forward to my one-on-one coaching

Expected growth in active families

JP Moms & Children 2021-2022 // 47% expected YOY Growth

JP’s revenue growth

5 Year Strategic Plan (blue) vs. Actual/Forecast (green)

JP’s Value Proposition

  • Laser-focused on single parent moms and their children. Because being a great mom shouldn’t be a barrier to a college education.
  • Committed to delivering programming through a racial and social justice lens.
  • Invested in the full journey of a mom and child’s economic mobility.
Personalized coaching supports JP’s holistic, two-generation model.

“There’s a real cost to poverty for moms—and single moms in particular. There are constant tradeoffs being made between whether I’m going to prioritize myself or my family. And what JP does so beautifully is create an equation that allows both to be true. We’re going to prioritize each other and move along this journey to ensure that we disrupt generational poverty, not only for ourselves but also for our children.”

Chastity Lord, CEO & President


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